Why don’t women use their ammo?

There is a war against women raging in Washington, DC; in Middle America; in the Vatican…anywhere men are feeling intimidated by us. We have the power to win this war once and for all, yet we do not use it. The power of procreation. The power to continue our species or to let it die out. Sure humanity, well science, has invented the way of the test tube, or petrie dish child, but it’s my understanding they still need our eggs from which to grow these spawn of the laboratories.

So again I ask… Why don’t we use our power to, for instance, stop wars… “We’re not giving birth to anymore men and women for governments to kill off.” You want to control my body? I say, NO!! Go perpetuate the species without my ovum! Sure, this blog is born from a frustrated woman who doesn’t understand why men are so hell-bent on controling us, rather than cherishing us. If I’m not mistaken these same men were born from some woman’s womb, right?

So women AGAIN I ASK… Why are some of us becoming female misogynists, rather than uniting and using that Nature-given power and blackmailing these sons of women before they somehow make it illegal to be a woman?

Jus’ askin’…

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The 1st of 1,000 Steps

A Journey: 1750 Miles and Counting

A bit about me. I’m not a very nice person, but I’m good with that. It’s been my experience that “nice” can hide plethora of evils. I like that word…plethora…sounds so much better than “a shitload” doesn’t it? But I digress…I’ll be doing that a lot so if stream-of-consciousness isn’t your cup of tea then you should probably stop here. I’ll be jumping around as thoughts pop into my head and begin clearing the cobwebs in my memory warehouse. Like I was saying, I’m not into “nice”. I try instead for good. Good is just, good. It can’t hide evil, because they’re polar opposites. If one isn’t good, they’re evil. I also try to keep things as simple as that. Sure there are grey areas and as I am a human being I’m sure I rationalize that simple philosophy until it’s unrecognizable. However, because being good instead of evil is…

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Just. Say. NO!

Treat people the way you want to be treated. Right? That’s the way to live one’s life. Even if you have no expectation of getting that in return. Right?

I’m sorry, but if someone asks me if I can do a favor for them…even if I ask for time to think about it…I at the very least give them a fuckin’ answer!!

What the hell is wrong with people?! I ask for a favor and I either get no answer or, “I’ll think about it”..which still ends up being no answer.

And these are some of the same people I’ve had conversations with about personal responsibility. Where’s UNcommon courtesy?!

There are some really cowardly, hypocritical bipeds walking around out here and I, for one, have had enough of their shyte! If someone asks for a favor and you don’t want to do it…


It’s ok. A negative answer is way better than none at all!

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Now, Why Don’t She Call?

kitten-best-friendsFriends. It’s a simple enough word. Merriam Webster defines it as, “…a person whom one knows and with whom one has a bond of mutual affection, typically exclusive of sexual or family relations.” There’s nothing in that definition that describes the KINDS of friends we can be, or need, or have; or even how long one is supposed to be friends.

I’ve been friends with a great many people in my life. Some are still around in spite of or because of who I am. Some are not around anymore for whatever reason. Not all friends, “un”-friend you and tell you why.

Now when we start adding qualifiers like “best”, “oldest”, “good”, etc.; then being one’s friend gets a bit trickier. Do we befriend people who are like us? Sure, we do. Birds of a feather and all that. Should we befriend people who aren’t like us? Also, sure. How can anyone grow as a person when they’re consistently surrounded by the same kinds of people?

What kind of friend am I? Trickier, still. I think I’m a good friend, when I let people in. I’m a good listener. I “give” people space to be who they are without judgment. I do my best to follow the Golden Rule. I can keep a secret. I call my friends on their personal BS in order to help them see all sides and not simply their own. When we communicate. Apparently, I am NOT a good friend because I don’t keep in constant communication with people all the time. No reason or excuse. It’s just not me.

I once read an article that spoke about different kinds of personalities and though I didn’t know the term existed, I identified with “introverted extrovert”. Sounds like a massive rationalization, but it describes me. I am a writer and tend to live inside my head. I like it there. I’m safe in there. No one can hurt me. When I’m invited to go places, sometimes I accept but most of the time I’m broke so I don’t. I know I have friends who don’t have a problem paying my way, but all the time? Besides, I was raised in a “God bless the child who has its own” household.

I’m also the kind of writer who, for better or worse, saves words for her fiction and characters’ dialogue. I don’t tend to be able to verbalize what’s in my head in a coherent manner. I guess that’s why I love to write. I can think about what I want to say, how I want to say it and to consider whether or not it should be said in the first place, while staring at a blank page or screen. If I open my mouth, well, let’s just say I suffer from “foot-in-mouth” disease. Either that, or …**crickets**… because I have nothing to say.

Now, sure I can keep in contact via Facebook or Twitter or any of the other myriad social networking sites available to us, but at the end of the day it seems that’s not enough to retain some friendships.

I like people, er, most of the time. I like engaging with them and getting to know them. I like learning how to see the world through others’ eyes. I like connecting with people and learning from them and, perhaps imparting some ideas/thoughts that sorta-kinda resemble words of wisdom so they can learn from me.

But, back to the constant contact, thing. This seems to be a pre-requisite for being a “good” friend. I’m not sure why. I have a friend who I’ve known since 1990. She is a bit of a nomad, so we don’t get to see each other that often. When we think about each other, or see something we know the other would appreciate, we contact one another. I don’t speak to her consistently, but our affection for each other has not diminished. In fact, it has only gotten stronger over the years. I am grateful for and blessed by our friendship. We’ve accepted the way in which our friendship expresses itself.

Acceptance is an amazing thing. If one were granting wishes  mine would be about my friends; that they would accept me for me, as I have done and still do for them. Accept that though they may not hear from me, it doesn’t mean that I don’t like/love them anymore. It doesn’t mean that I am ignoring or abandoning them. It only means that I am, at all times, simply being me. The “me” you liked in the first place. The “me” that made you want to call me “friend”.

I hope this isn’t coming across as  a “whine”. It isn’t meant to be. I’m trying to figure out if, while I’m growing as a person, I need to adjust my outlook with regards to friends and people in my life. I like being alone. I like my company. I like living inside my head. I also like hanging out with and engaging with my peers. However, if my peers who are my friends don’t contact me out of some “tit-for-tat” reason: “Well, if she’s not going to keep in touch, why should I?”; do I really need these people in my life? Am I lonely? Sometimes. Does that mean I need to change who I am to no longer be lonely? It’s one thing to change a character flaw or bad habit, but to change that which makes one who they are… Is having friends really worth it? I don’t know.

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2,437 / 4 = Going Nowhere, Fast!

I know it’s been a while, but I feel as though I met vent to the precious few of you who have been generous enough to follow my blog. I hope you’re all still there…*crickets*

I have done the math and in the past 18 months I have submitted my resume for various jobs 2,437 times. (That was as of yesterday, 4/9/14). Out of those 2,437 resumes, I have had 4 interviews. Yep, 4. Not a typo.

My mounting frustration at this, is making me reach my limit. Everyone has one, you know. A limit. That’s that thing that makes us accept all kinds of shyte from people and the world around us. I don’t want to throw up my hands and accept where I am.

Don’t get me wrong. I like my job. It allows me to do a great many things that I wouldn’t be able to do otherwise. The only problem is that I’m barely surviving these days and I’m not ashamed to admit that I want more. I want to live, not simply survive. Doesn’t everyone? I mean I am TRULY grateful for being able to help provide a roof over our heads, food in our stomachs (even if it’s not the healthiest, because healthy food is incredulously more expensive than food that isn’t!); and, occasionally when absolutely necessary see a doctor. (Though I WOULD like to be able to see mine more often to help maintain my health and not when it’s an emergency because I couldn’t.)

I have submitted my resume, networked live and on social media AND, I might add, I’m no slouch. I have the experience and mental “chops” to take on a wide variety of responsibilities. I just have the audacity to be looking for a career and not simply “another job”. I have the audacity to be looking for a something that will elevate me to the ranks of the truly wealthy. You know! Those people who do what they love for a living? Yeah, them. I want to be THAT kind of “rich”! THAT is truly living!

And 2,437 tries later, I’m going nowhere INCREDIBLY fast! So, what do I do except keep doing what I’m doing?! Someone? Anyone? (Bueller?!) I want to be able to stop and smell the roses, instead of hurrying off to another job and not taking notice of the world around me. Is THAT so wrong? I certainly don’t think so. I think I have EVERY right to seek out a life, rather than simply an existence. I know the Buddhist in me says, just be. The pragmatist in me quotes Charlotte Vale in NOW VOYAGER, “Let’s not ask for the moon. We have the stars.” (The stars in this little missive being my existence.)

But the optimist in me (yes, there’s one way, way, WAY, deep down under all the crude)… The optimist in me quotes Whitman, “The untold want, by life and land ne’er granted. Now voyager, sail thou forth to seek and find.” (A quote, coincidentally, that was given to Charlotte Vale to help her to “seek and find” a life after being helped to emerge from her “prison”. Y’all should see that movie, if you haven’t. It’s pretty awesome!)

I just need the Universe to open that window, because the door behind me has been closed for a long time and the air in here is getting pretty stale. Just one window and I’ll do the rest.

I’m just like everyone else, you know, when it all comes down to it. I just want to be able to “seek and find” my spot. My niche.

Back to it then… 2,438…

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The Talk

Apparently, this is STILL relevant. FUCK!

ADauphin's Blog

As a parent, there are so many talks that all parents must have with their children during certain times in their lives. During kindergarten, it’s the anatomical difference between boys and girls. During grammar school it might be why we must share with others. As they progress into high school it would be a talk about sex, drugs and anything else through which peer pressure might make your teenager do stupid things.

As an African-American parent of an African-American male of this age, my talk included how to live and escape being harassed, bullied, tortured or killed because of his race.

I have, until this time in my son’s life, taught him that his race shouldn’t matter when it comes to what he wants to be, or who he befriends, or who he falls in love with. His race is simply what he is born of, but not what he…

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That’s what I call common courtesy these days because NO ONE is commonly courteous anymore.

Just now, my boss went to speak with a co-worker and was waiting for her to finish her conversation before speaking with her. You know, the formerly common courtesy we’ve (humans) shown each other in the past? Well, apparently this co-worker was never raised to return common courtesy and acknowledge someone who is waiting to speak with her. Yep, dear readers! This co-worker simply ignored my boss and went merrily on her way.

**blogger currently shaking her head now**

However, this same co-worker has complained to her VP that our department (there are three of us) has been rude to her on occasion and we’ve had to apologize. But because of this co-worker’s lack of people skills AND her expectation that people should excuse her behavior because she is a privileged person of means, we shouldn’t expect respect from her because she’s all that and a bag of chips. Right?

Whatever! Listen. If someone opens the door for you; if someone waits for you to finish a sentence before speaking; if someone let’s you go first through a doorway… FRAKKIN’ SAY THANK YOU! In order to pay it forward, if someone is uncommonly courteous to you, return the respect! I mean FRAK! What effort does it take to say, “PLEASE” “THANK YOU” and “EXCUSE ME”?!?!?!! What effort does it take to acknowledge when someone is trying to speak with you?!?!

Perhaps, collectively, we can make uncommon courtesy, common again. We keep calling ourselves civilization, yet we are increasingly UN-FRAKKIN’-CIVILIZED to each other.

It’s a little thing that means a lot.

Jus’ sayin’…

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Enough Is Enough! Screw the 2nd Amendment!

I usually try to be pretty fair about the stuff I blog about. I try to live my life seeing things from others’ POV.

Not now. Not this time.

At approximately 9:30am EST in Newtown CT a man entered an elementary school and started shooting; children, adults anyone who he saw. According to a tweet I saw on Twitter, he used a .223 assault rifle. We’re still getting bits an pieces of information as the news media updates us on the number of dead and injured, but so far there are approximately 27 dead, which includes adults AND children.

Of course, with horrific tragedies like this, people are saying things like we need more gun control and blaming the POTUS because he seems to be ok with the status quo as it regards keeping guns out of criminals’ hands.

I say screw that shit!

Why EXACTLY do human beings feel like they NEED a gun?! ESPECIALLY an assault rifle or semi-automatic ANYTHING?! Some moron tweeted that no one NEEDS an assault rifle but it’s called the Bill of RIGHTS not the Bill of NEEDS. REALLY?!?! I’d love for him to say that to one of the parents of the dead!

Screw the 2nd amendment and screw gun control! It’s obvious that gun control legislation not only doesn’t work but is largely ignored by criminals. The NRA would rather the entire population be armed so we can all kill each other off. I don’t know this to be true or factual, but it doesn’t seem as thought the NRA membership gives a rat’s ass about anyone’s life.

Human beings do not need guns. Period. You want to hunt? Use a bow and arrow. As far as I know they’re still pretty effective at killing people. Someone pissing you off? Have a fist fight. Having a disagreement with one of your children’s teachers? I’m pretty sure there are a great many ways to resolve it without resorting to violence. Or, are you simply crazy and just want to spread your crazy around? If this is so, no amount of gun control is going to stop you from getting one and blow someone away.

If there are no guns to be had, well, you do the “math”! Let’s just initiate and pass legislation to abolish guns already so our children don’t have to be armed to get a frakkin’ education.

Jus’ sayin’…

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