This is the blog site for Traci (Trey) Ford. Things that make her go “Hmmmm…”; things that make her crazy; things that make her imagination run away with her. If you leave a comment, please be respectful. If you can’t be respectful, Trey will not be held responsible for her equal and opposite reaction (Physics 101).


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  1. atlasmv says:

    Have you ever indulged yourself in any Ayn Rand?


    • adauphin04 says:

      Spooky! I am reading “Atlas Shrugged” right now! I also, just got my hands on “A Literate Passion: Letters between Anais Nin and Henry Miller”, that I hope to start soon. I only recently began reading biographies/autobiographies. Just finished “Me” (K. Hepburn) and “At Home with the Marquis de Sade” by Francine du Plessix Grey.


  2. atlasmv says:


    Thanks for the ping.
    Wow! Atlas Shrigged. And Anais Nin too! She’s hot.
    Take care with Rand. She’ll change your political viewpoints.
    Neither Left or Right. Just…well. Um…Human!
    Her inspiration was economist Murray Rothbard, whose two voulme tome’Man, Economy & State” was banned in the US around the time of the whole Communist scare in the 50’s. The far left did not want his book in the hands of anyone. He takes you through a Robinson Crusoe-like scenario where at first this man appears to be alone on an island. He begins to find other inhabitants/suvivors – but at this point money does not exist – only barter. By the time you’re finished with book two you are into derivatives, markets, arbitrage, margin calls etc.

    Anyway, my film, we are on our way to 10 percent of our budget for Mother of War.
    Monies are in escrow.
    As expected, paperwork and lawyers slow the process
    The goal is 20-plus by end of October.

    Just thought I would drop you a line. Read all of your blogs.
    You seem like a real human being – good people.

    Kickstarter and Indiegogo are both good services but our budget is a little steep for those facilities. Plus you have to be real careful where your investment money comes from when any of your components are covered under Guild rules SAG, PGA, IATSE, etc. Film investment falls under the auspices of the SEC and they, along with any of the aforementioned Guilds could put a lien on your film if an investor or Guild member sqwawks. Flying under the radar is OK. But for us were slogging it out the ‘Hard Way.’

    A real pleasure in making your acquaintance.

    Write on and Be well.

    – J

    Learn as much as you can about film finance.
    Good story + Good Funding = Finished Product


    • adauphin04 says:

      As I’m a humanist, Rand couldn’t change my viewpoint; perhaps just solidify it? I will check out Rothbard.

      Love the title…”Mother of War”. What’s the tagline? I have alot to learn about film financing, I can see. Found a website with some info, filmfundingclub.com. I have never had a business-like mind when it comes to my screenplays/novels. I, probably like so many other writers, focus solely on the creative process. I find it amusing and a bit odd that in order to get my writing work “out there” and create “buzz” about it that I must first make a movie, myself. Thanks for the info about financing with regards to the various unions.

      A pleasure to make your acquaintance, as well. I look forward to future correspondence!!


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