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LET’S Make It Hap’n, Cap’n!

OK, so four more years for Barack Obama. I am relatively happy about it. He seems to be, in my humble opinion, a good man who believes in what he says he wants to do for this country of ours. … Continue reading

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Open Letter to Lt. Gov. Jennifer Carroll

Lt. Gov. Carroll: I would ask, as a member of the LGBT community that you refrain from making asinine comments such as: “Women who look like me don’t engage in relationships like that…”. I’m not sure what your intent was … Continue reading

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So Much More Than Adam’s Rib

I was watching MISS ADVISED, a “reality” TV show that follows three 20 to 30-something single women who are in search of love (be it in the form of “Mr. Right” or simply “Mr. Right-Now”). Then, just now I read … Continue reading

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After the End of the Affair

Someone asked me if I’d ever been in love. I replied that yes, I had been in love. Someone then asked me if I had been loved. I replied that no, I had not been loved. Well, not as much … Continue reading

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I’m no fashionista, but…

…I do, on occasion like to dress nicely. But like most “worker bees” I don’t have buckets of money to spend on one outfit. I am also zoftique (?); uh, Ruebenesque (?); uh, curvy (?); uh, hell I’m overweight. I … Continue reading

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Why don’t women use their ammo?

There is a war against women raging in Washington, DC; in Middle America; in the Vatican…anywhere men are feeling intimidated by us. We have the power to win this war once and for all, yet we do not use it. … Continue reading

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Being Stuck

When is enough, ENOUGH?! How much longer are we as a species going to remain stuck in our reactions to racism, indeed racism itself? How much violence, how many killings, how much injustice has to occur before we stop hating … Continue reading

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