Enough Is Enough! Screw the 2nd Amendment!

I usually try to be pretty fair about the stuff I blog about. I try to live my life seeing things from others’ POV.

Not now. Not this time.

At approximately 9:30am EST in Newtown CT a man entered an elementary school and started shooting; children, adults anyone who he saw. According to a tweet I saw on Twitter, he used a .223 assault rifle. We’re still getting bits an pieces of information as the news media updates us on the number of dead and injured, but so far there are approximately 27 dead, which includes adults AND children.

Of course, with horrific tragedies like this, people are saying things like we need more gun control and blaming the POTUS because he seems to be ok with the status quo as it regards keeping guns out of criminals’ hands.

I say screw that shit!

Why EXACTLY do human beings feel like they NEED a gun?! ESPECIALLY an assault rifle or semi-automatic ANYTHING?! Some moron tweeted that no one NEEDS an assault rifle but it’s called the Bill of RIGHTS not the Bill of NEEDS. REALLY?!?! I’d love for him to say that to one of the parents of the dead!

Screw the 2nd amendment and screw gun control! It’s obvious that gun control legislation not only doesn’t work but is largely ignored by criminals. The NRA would rather the entire population be armed so we can all kill each other off. I don’t know this to be true or factual, but it doesn’t seem as thought the NRA membership gives a rat’s ass about anyone’s life.

Human beings do not need guns. Period. You want to hunt? Use a bow and arrow. As far as I know they’re still pretty effective at killing people. Someone pissing you off? Have a fist fight. Having a disagreement with one of your children’s teachers? I’m pretty sure there are a great many ways to resolve it without resorting to violence. Or, are you simply crazy and just want to spread your crazy around? If this is so, no amount of gun control is going to stop you from getting one and blow someone away.

If there are no guns to be had, well, you do the “math”! Let’s just initiate and pass legislation to abolish guns already so our children don’t have to be armed to get a frakkin’ education.

Jus’ sayin’…


About adauphin04

Humanist, feminist, writer, filmmaker. Ford is an alumni of Bloomfield College, where she majored in Media Studies/Communications and minored in English Literature. While attending Bloomfield College, as a single parent she worked full-time, was on the High Honors list, and a member of the National Honors Society. As a graduate, Ford was listed in the Who’s Who of College Students in America. She has been working at Westminster Arts Center for eight years, is an avid reader and film-goer, writes novels, graphic novels, screenplays and poetry. She is currently working on a feminist docu-drama entitled, "You're Not the Boss of Me!" She is also currently in pre-production with her first feature film "Being Free". Ford lives with her son, Jason, and their pets: Boo (a cat) and Akasha (a ball python). Ford and family are beginning a new chapter in their lives and relocating to Colorado in October 2016.
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4 Responses to Enough Is Enough! Screw the 2nd Amendment!

  1. Indeed, a needless tragedy


  2. rlboyington says:

    I am in complete agreement. Thank you for speaking out.
    And – may we introduce humane treatment for the mentally ill in this country. And – let’s see more ways of discussing and peacefully negotiating differences, rather than resorting to violent confrontation (in movies and video games, and especially in the classroom…). It’s time to boycott all those media that glorify violence, say nothing of the stores that sell the weapons.
    But, most of all, ban all the means, the weapons, that facilitate mass murder.


  3. Tons of anger in this post, Traci. And as a parent (like you), I can identify. I’d be totally in favor of outlawing guns in America. But since that is not going to happen, I’ll put my energy behind gun control efforts and do what I can to expose the NRA’s endless, mindless, paranoid BS, which I believe is rooted in the vile premise that gun dealer profits matter more than human lives.


  4. You go, lady! Sorry for my delayed response but I think this kind of raw anger is great. It may be true that we need to take ‘deliberative’ steps if we want real change… blah blah. But why should the fringe right get to define the terms of every debate? We’re too polite! We let people take certain ideas off the table from the start of the discussion, like the idea that a “well-regulated militia” somehow translates to assault weapons for homeowners. Stay mad. Keep writing.


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