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2,437 / 4 = Going Nowhere, Fast!

I know it’s been a while, but I feel as though I met vent to the precious few of you who have been generous enough to follow my blog. I hope you’re all still there…*crickets* Anywho- I have done the … Continue reading

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Unrequited Dating (Or What I Miss When I Have My Head Up My A$$)

Today marks the 4th wedding anniversary (yeah it was a civil union because we don’t live in an enlightened state but SCREW IT they’re frakkin’ married in my eyes!) of two friends of mine. This led me to start thinking … Continue reading

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Am I any happier or more successful for attaining my college degree?

My mother told me that I would have more options, more choices if I had a college degree. I guess she should have been a tad more specific about the options available. I have the option of either being a cog in the wheel of Corporate America, and actually making a living wage; or, I have the option of actually having a career doing what I love and not making even a surviving wage. Continue reading

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