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Open Letter to Lt. Gov. Jennifer Carroll

Lt. Gov. Carroll: I would ask, as a member of the LGBT community that you refrain from making asinine comments such as: “Women who look like me don’t engage in relationships like that…”. I’m not sure what your intent was … Continue reading

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Look Deeper

We are a visual species. That’s why our eyes are in the front of our face. What we see has great importance to us. If we don’t see it then it doesn’t exist, nor do we believe it. It’s not … Continue reading

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I’m no fashionista, but…

…I do, on occasion like to dress nicely. But like most “worker bees” I don’t have buckets of money to spend on one outfit. I am also zoftique (?); uh, Ruebenesque (?); uh, curvy (?); uh, hell I’m overweight. I … Continue reading

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