Look Deeper

We are a visual species. That’s why our eyes are in the front of our face. What we see has great importance to us. If we don’t see it then it doesn’t exist, nor do we believe it. It’s not just the people of Missouri. It’s the entire planet. I get that.

It’s also a problem. Just because we see something and it SEEMS alright, doesn’t mean it is. Think about it. “They looked like a happy family.” “Hey you look really healthy!” And my personal favorite: “To look good is to feel good!” -Billy Crystal (Fernando)

Yep. We are a society of people OBSESSED with the outside. The superficial. What we can see. If you’re not up on the latest trends in fashion, you look like a mess. Nevermind, your clothes are clean or your colors match. You just don’t look “hip”. And we all know that hip is it, right?

You’re overweight. I get being overweight is bad health-wise, but that’s not the first thing that comes to society’s mind. Being overweight is unsightly. Society doesn’t like overweight people. Sure, the fashion industry supplies overweight people with larger sized clothing, but it’s not to make us feel included. It’s to part us with our money. Period.

Yes, we are a visual people. What about the inside? What about what’s truly going on underneath? Don’t we care about that? Isn’t that just as, or even more important than how things look? Why can’t we be a society that looks deeper? Are we afraid of what we may find? Or is it easier to believe the superficial?

Think about it. While passing someone in the hallway or on the street we ask, “How are you?”, or “How you doin’?” Do we stop to hear the answer? Or, do we ask simply so it seems like we care (on the surface)?

I know when I’m a passenger and wool-gathering while looking out the window, I often assume that a tidy house with curb appeal must have living within it a good person or family, because beauty without means beauty within, right?

While waiting for the bus in the mornings, I’ll see people drive by in their B’mers and Infinitis and Hummers and, for a second think that their lives must be good, as I fume about the bus being 30 minutes late for the umpteenth time.

I’m always saying or posting that I am WSYISYG = What You See Is What You Get. Apparently, since I’m not fashionable, nor at my desired weight, nor do I wear “bling” or make-up…I must not care about myself, right? I must have low self-esteem, right?

Here’s a clue…stop judging “books” by their covers. Take a minute to “read” the pages; hear what they’re saying. Absorb the inside information. Then make an informed opinion about it and decide whether or not an even deeper look (which will lead to a deeper understanding) is due.


About adauphin04

Humanist, feminist, writer, filmmaker. Ford is an alumni of Bloomfield College, where she majored in Media Studies/Communications and minored in English Literature. While attending Bloomfield College, as a single parent she worked full-time, was on the High Honors list, and a member of the National Honors Society. As a graduate, Ford was listed in the Who’s Who of College Students in America. She has been working at Westminster Arts Center for eight years, is an avid reader and film-goer, writes novels, graphic novels, screenplays and poetry. She is currently working on a feminist docu-drama entitled, "You're Not the Boss of Me!" She is also currently in pre-production with her first feature film "Being Free". Ford lives with her son, Jason, and their pets: Boo (a cat) and Akasha (a ball python). Ford and family are beginning a new chapter in their lives and relocating to Colorado in October 2016.
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One Response to Look Deeper

  1. Frankly, I don’t care what people say about my appreance. I do what pleases me, period.


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