I’VE BEEN NOMINATED… (for a Kreativ Blogger Award)

A friend of mine nominated me for a Kreativ Blogger Award, which was both an honor AND a total surprise. I wasn’t aware that my blogs were of any importance to anyone other than me. If people are reading it… AWESOME!

So there’s some work I have to do: A) I have to share ten things about myself that my readers (WHOA, I have readers!) don’t know about me; and 2) I have to nominate six other bloggers.

OK, here goes:

1) In high school I was a “mean girl”
2) Before I started smoking, I had an awesome singing voice and my range was from 1st soprano to alto
3) I ran away from home when I was 13 and hitchhiked from NJ to CA
4) During this incredibly dangerous odyssey, I let a man pick me up (as a prostitute) and when we got to his motel room, while he was in the bathroom, I stool his wallet and his car (a 1967 Ford Mustang)
5) While I was in CA, I was a prostitute for 3 months
6) I was molested when I was 6 by my stepfather
7) I have had three abortions and two miscarriages
8) I was in the closet until I was in my forties
9) I participated in an orgy
10) I once had a summer job selling opera subscriptions at the Metropolitan Opera House at Lincoln Center where I pretended to be from England (English accent and all!)

Now for my nominations (paying it forward!):

1) Betsy Lerner – Her “ventings” on writing are both informative and funny! She is generous with herself and her publishing knowledge; and is supportive of other indie authors.
2) Deidra Alexander – Just started following her blogs and they are hysterical! I’ve “surfed” through her past blogs and she is very creative. Can’t wait to see one of her films!
3) Stephen Weber – I’ve loved him since “Wings”. His portrayal of Brian Hackett (one of the two brothers in the series; the other was Joe Hackett (portrayed by Tim Daly)) was both outrageous and touching. His blogs (which can be read on Huffington Post) are insightful, witty and he is able to put a great many things that are both right and wrong on this planet, in perspective.
4) Gregory G. Allen – Author of “Well with My Soul” and “Proud Pants”; Greg’s blog “It Ain’t Over ‘Til the Fat Guy is Skinny” Covers a wide-ranging list of topics. His writing is funny, thoughtful, passionate and always positive. I must add that the dialogue in his novels never sound like him (I know him, personally) and if you’re a writer, you know how difficult a task this is!
5) Joanne Bamberger – Yet another awesome Huffington Post blogger and author of “Mothers of Intention: How Women & Social Media are Revolutionizing Politics in America”, Joanne’s blogs are “born” of true sisterhood.
6) @MrLady (her Twitter name) – This blogger (Whiskey in My Sippy Cup) doesn’t list her real name, which to me adds to her allure. She blogs mostly about her family and her writing can be witty, funny, touching, wry and sad (and sometimes all within the same blog!) I always look forward to her blogs.


About adauphin04

Humanist, feminist, writer, filmmaker. Ford is an alumni of Bloomfield College, where she majored in Media Studies/Communications and minored in English Literature. While attending Bloomfield College, as a single parent she worked full-time, was on the High Honors list, and a member of the National Honors Society. As a graduate, Ford was listed in the Who’s Who of College Students in America. She has been working at Westminster Arts Center for eight years, is an avid reader and film-goer, writes novels, graphic novels, screenplays and poetry. She is currently working on a feminist docu-drama entitled, "You're Not the Boss of Me!" She is also currently in pre-production with her first feature film "Being Free". Ford lives with her son, Jason, and their pets: Boo (a cat) and Akasha (a ball python). Ford and family are beginning a new chapter in their lives and relocating to Colorado in October 2016.
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